Product Overview

Main Specs Details
Output power Rated power 500W,peak power 1000W
AC output AC110V/230V 50Hz/60Hz pure sine wave
DC output DC12V/QC 3.0(4*USB)/PD 3.0 18w
Input power 12-30V 200W (MAX)MPPT
Battery 25.6V 20Ah 512Wh LIFEPO4 (lithium iron phosphate)
Working temperature: -10℃-40℃
Shell material Aluminum fireproof main body+ABS front and rear covers
Color main body space grey+black front and rear covers
Size 250*165*173mm
Net weight 7.65kg
Plug type US, EU, AU, JP, Universal
Lead time 15-20 days for samples, 30-40 days for bulk order
Special Features Type C, jump starter, Cigarette Lighter
cycle time > 2000 times
customization Customized logo, Customized packaging, Graphic customization

Charging Methods

Rechargeable portable power supply, can be charged by solar panel, wall outlet and vehicles.

Power Your Appliances

Power your appliances on-the-go with Voltagogo rechargeable portable power stations. Keep your devices charged and ready to use, wherever your outdoor adventures take you or power outage at home

Our Differences

We prioritize the essential features that matter most to you, without adding unnecessary complexity or extra bells and whistles. This ensures that our power stations are not only user-friendly, but also have a lower risk of malfunction, keeping your customers satisfied and your business running smoothly.

Classification of use occasions:

From Start To Finish,We've Got Your Back

Cylindrical Cell

From 250w-2000w portable power station, the cells we use are cylindrical Lifepo4 instead of Prismatic, why? Below the comparisons.

Cell assembly

Using an auto welding machine to weld the cells in series and parallels provides consistent and reliable welding, resulting in higher quality and safer battery packs.

Testing (100%)

we take testing seriously. We subject our products to rigorous testing to ensure they meet our high standards. From extreme weather conditions to heavy use in the field, our products can stand up to the demands of the outdoors.

Packing and Shipping

Sample order:

Delivery time: 3-12 days (by Air/ Courier/Express)

1*power station
1* external adapter+power line
1* standard manual
2* outer box
Bulk order:
Delivery time: 25-35 days  (by sea/road)

1*power station
1* external adapter+power line
1* standard/customized manual
2* outer box

How to charge cozy 500 power station?

There are three methods to recharge your portable power station: 1. Charge by solar panels: Solar panels must output 12V-30V and have the correct connection plug which is an 8mm thin pin male plug. 2. Charge by wall outlet using the included AC adapter and power cord that come with your power station. 3. Charge by car outlet using the car charger that ordered separately, pls contact us if need.

Is it ok to use voltagogo power station to charge an electric car?

Yes, you can use the voltagogo power station to charge an electric car with the right charging cable, just for emergency since the capacity is limited

How to store and how often to charge voltagogo portable power station if not use it for a long time (a while)?

It is recommended to operate and recharge it if necessary every three months to keep the power station active. Like a car battery, you should warm up the battery every so often to keep it active before it becomes dormant. You can recharge it at any time, however, we recommend that you do not let the battery level drop down below 20%, to keep it a longer life.

how to choose the right portable power station for devices?

The Voltagogo power stations can run devices at 110V / 240V AC. First, make sure the device's power consumption (check the label of the device for the volts and amps, multiply the two numbers together to obtain the wattage) is less than the power capacity of the Voltagogo model you want to oder. Second, to determine the estimated runtime for the device, please apply the following formula: Working time = power station's Watt-Hours x 0.85 / Power Consumption of the device.

Is it available to use voltagogo portable power station to jumpstart a car in an emergency?

No, it can't jumpstart a car, but available to charge the car battery directly, and then use it to start the car

Do you have the necessary documents for exporting?

Yes, we have CE ,ROHS, FCC,UN38.3,MSDS

what countries do you export to?

We have been cooperating with customers in EU & Amercian & AU &Asia & Africa, like United kingdom, Ukraine, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, United States, Brazil, Mexico, Singapore, Japan, Korea etc.

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